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I have worked as a web developer for 10+ years. I am currently working on my own project

About Me

I have worked on many projects and with many diverse CMSs.

I am an avid problem solver and enjoy fixing things, be it clocks or programming bugs.


Highly Proficient
  • HTML 4/5
  • CSS 2/3
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • Vue
  • node.js
  • XML
  • MySQL
  • Firebase
  • Apache Server
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • ColdFusion
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Adobe Experience Manager

Maze 2020 (work in progress)

Project live at

Project was to create a web application to allow users to navigate a 3D space in their browser, shared with other users in real time

  • Built using Vue and Firebase
  • Created random maze generating javaScript
  • Created 3D movement engine in javascript and CSS
  • Created real-time updating chat walls
  • User login and remembering where user is in maze
  • Currently a work in progress
< see maze generating javaScript

April 2011 - April 2020 Sears Holdings Corporation

  • Lead Architect of a responsive framwork for and
  • Built the Header and Footer of and, adding new features and maintaining a ever changing working code base
  • Maintain and build components for the Sears and Kmart LocalAd Page
  • Fix bugs on all Sears Holdings Corporation websites
  • Work as part of a team to ensure smooth website operation
  • Make sites more ADA WCAG compliant

Header of and

< see custom ADA menu javaScript
< see dropdown's javaScript

Project live at and

Project was to create a new cleaner look to the header and change from a vertical menu to a horizontal menu

Challenges included:
  • Have menu items take up exactly the width of the header, while allowing it to flex, have items drop off at smaller screen widths, and remaining items take up all available space
  • Built on pre-existing custom CMS where changes to html structure were not allowed
  • Make all dropdowns work with keyboard navigation
  • Keep header visually consistent across all pages and code bases
  • Sears white header full width
  • Sears blue header half width
  • Kmart header full width
  • Kmart header min width

TV Brand Showcases for

< see javaScript

Was live in 2014

Project was to create a compelling experience where the user could sort and find exactly what TV they were shopping for

Challenges included:
  • Created an easy to use three dimensional filter array, that could be used in any order
  • Discerning product specifications by its manufacturer’s ID because values are not present as API feed variables (including screen size and series)
  • View of full experience, home page
  • Plasma selected with filter options, sorting down to only one product that matches selection.
  • LED TV E60 modal selected, shows tv at top and bottom filter automatically filters to that series
  • Filters show only the options that are available in each column based on what other filters are selected

Search Bar on Sears and Kmart

Was live from 2013-2014

Project was to add search within department functionality to the site wide search bar

Challenges included:
  • Smooth transition from old to new search bar with no down time
  • Working with multiple teams to smoothly integrate all existing functionality
  • Have identical functionality across two separate CMS systems within each site
  • Search bar in header of's home page
  • Search bar defaults to department you are currently on

Newspaper Insert for Sears and Kmart LocalAd

< see javaScript

Was live from 2013-2014

Project was to create comprehensive JavaScript to parse multiple json feeds and HTML/CSS to display information in an easy to navigate format

Challenges included:
  • Variable number of catalogs available (0-5)
  • Display future catalogs if proper user credentials are met
  • Reduces load times by preloading adjacent pages
  • Allow linking to specific catalogs from outside sources
  • Flipbook main view featuring a next and previous button catalog select if multiple are available and a print button.  Catalog will preload next and previous pages for faster displaying.
  • Multiple catalog select
  • Cover of Kmart LocalAd 2.0 experience featuring view newspaper insert button that is added only if a catalog is available
  • Which newspaper insert popup only appears if there are multiple catalogs to choose from.

Sears and Kmart LocalAd Code Maintenance and Cleanup

Worked on 2011-2013

Challenges included:
  • Making un-maintainable code from third party developers easier to read
  • Reducing load times and code length css and js
  • Implementing new features without adding to code bloat
  • Fixing bugs in third party code

March 2010 - 2011 FFWD Brands LLC

  • Built Wordpress templates and integrated plugins to fit clients needs
  • Fixed Magento bugs and modified templates to meet clients needs
  • Edited video and audio using Aftereffects, Audacity, and Premiere Pro

November 2009 Contractor, Thirdwave LLC

  • Converted designs to working websites utilizing JavaScript for enhanced functionality
  • Fixed cross browser compatibility issues
  • Designed and implemented user interface widgets

February – May 2009 Intern, WTTW

  • Coordinated the uploading of new Chicago tonight media content to the WTTW website
  • Completed a database to view, sort, and update usage statistics using PHP on a MAMP server
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